Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tremendous Pythons Now Used To Massage Humans.... See Horrific Photos

Hehehe... This is no longer snakes on the plane, its now snakes on the body. A spa in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta is pushing the boundaries for its latest treatment with a snake body massage.

The grisly session sees three real-life PYTHONS placed on top of you and take the place of a massage therapist's trained hands for the 90-minute treatment.

Two trained masseuses are still nearby but they would never lay a hand on you.

They are merely present to make sure the six-foot snakes move around all over the customer's body rather than stay coiled up in one place.

And Feri Tilukay - who has paid nearly £30 for this disputable pleasure seems delightfully relaxed as the three gigantic snakes named Jasmine, Muscle and Brown slithered all over him.

The 31-year-old told AFP, "it is a very unique sensation" as the snakes went to work during a recent treatment, adding the session "gives you an adrenaline rush."

Very few locals actually get on board with the bizarre treatment with most paying customers coming from further afield places like Europe, Japan and South Korea.

Tilukay, who has now had three sessions, added: "I used to be afraid of snakes, I had a phobia. But after getting this treatment several times, the phobia started going away and now I like snakes."

Thank you very much, I'll rather prefer than watch those reptiles take the little breathe out of me

Three enormous snakes slither all over Feri Tilukay - but he seems blissfully relaxed

Trained masseuses are on hand to make sure the pythons slither all over the paying custome

Locals don't tend to take part with many more people from Europe, Japan and South Korea facing their fears instead


  1. is there anythinq qood bout snakes Gosh! I so hate them,cant even look @ d pics

  2. Hmmmm Nawa Oyinbo pipu don mad finish

  3. Hmmmm.... "we don't treat dem like workers, we treat dem like friends, hug dem nd kiss dem" death calling. God forbid dt d same long snake wey I just killed dis afternoon will be doing wot human beings are supposed to do to me(massaging). Animals taking d positions of humans @ work, in Papilo's voice; "all these things wey dey make dis 'Oyinbos' smile go make dem cry one day."

  4. Make God punish dem,snake massaging,akuko.

  5. Millipede neva climp bodi finish na snake. Lolita say so

  6. Na wwa ma coment

  7. I hate snakes!!! they are very disgusting!!! God forbid!!

  8. Emm nada,not happening,well first of all i don't like massages at all sha

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