Tuesday, November 12, 2013

See How A Policeman Roughly Dragged This Lady With Bare Boobs

But seriously is this policeman jobless, just see the way he publicly embarrassed this girl, could it be that Nigeria is now free from criminals or he couldn't just help himself from getting aroused or probably police harassment and molestation is the antidote to indecent dresses in our society where ladies now attracts cheap attention by exposing their boobs... The offense of this lady unknown. See picture below

Could she be whore?

Could it be that this lady is being arrested for indecent dressing or the indecency of her dressing manifested in the process of her arrest by the police? I doubt if the policeman can concentrate on his job


  1. The last time I checked, Nigeria is a free country where people are at liberty to dress any which way they chose without being harassed as depicted in the picture above. Some one should tell this policeman that Nigeria is NOT a moslem country where women are relegated into covering up in hijabs. The essence of a lady is to be able to show off her assets, and for the world to admire. That’s the difference between human beings and animals. We have self-control and animals don't

    1. Lesbian boy, ur still anonymous to me tho n dats y u can make such a controversial comment...

    2. Lesbo Boy, you're sick. Essence of a lady is to show off her breast? ESSENCE????

  2. Ode blogger, is dat hw nigeria police dress

  3. Indecency at it's peak. That's good for her. Anyway, Me Just dey pass by.
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    Wetin concern Boko_haram wit
    who get pin mouth charger?

  4. And d antidote to indecency I'd molestation .... We are so troubled

  5. Dat police man na real nigger..............him no complete d process

  6. Free d security o,mayb d lady was resisting arrest...he had to do wat was necessary....xoxo

  7. I don't think the molestor is a police man...Look at the uniform the idiot is wearing,he looks like a private security personnel attached to that complex....But it's not the right way to address her semi nudeness....

  8. He is a very foolish man.....

  9. Dat policeman is stupid. Even if the lady is completely naked, its not his business. Wat concerns him is criminals alone not naked women. Or was he kept there 2 check indescency? Or is dat lady the first to wear such clothes? The policeman should have walked up to her and explain his feelings to her instead of wanting to touch her body freely all because he claims to be doing his job. He's mad!!!