Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Man Charged Woman 32 million Naira For Turning Him Down And Refusing His Marriage Proposal

Now that's Bizzare. Hehehe, this one na bad market ooooh....Heartbreakers be warned!
 There are many ways to get back at the woman who has scorned you. Some men purchase property next to their ex-wife’s home and erect a middle finger statue on their back deck. Others take a more monetary route to revenge, such as this 65-year old man in Australia who asked his 42-girlfriend to marry him, got turned down and responded by sending her a $200,000 bill. He says it covered everything he allegedly ever purchased for his not-to-be-betrothed.

There is a new breakup bill that can make you pay through your nose. This 65-years old Australia man Bruce, has asked Mariah, his 42-years-old girlfriend of 4-years, to pay him the sum of $200,000 which is apparently 32 million naira for turning him down & refusing his marriage proposal.

The $200,000 accounted for every penny he ever spent on her during their alleged 4-years courtship. The woman who happened to be his dance teacher denied every romantic relationship with the man, saying any money Bruce gave her was his choice, see gobe, Lol,


  1. OK na... U won chop run..

  2. Ghen Ghen... @ least gals will be more careful in spending money of men they don't like

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