Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Angry Elephant Toss Female Giant Hippopotamus In The Air With Just His Trunk

The Incredible Photos below display how angry an elephant can be and also how caring an hippo can be.
 The elephant charged at the hippo
The hungry hippo just came out to eat lunch, it was already gathering some grass when the huge elephant approached her and her cub, been a caring mother, she first of all protected her baby and acted brave by standing to the elephant, she stood her ground to protect her calf. The elephant flung the hippo into the air aggressively

The strong elephant managed to lift her completely off the ground despite the fact that an adult female hippos can weigh upwards of 1.5 tonnes, the cow was dwarfed by the male elephant who was able to flip her with his trunk with ease
Ouch.... The hippo landed on her back but wasn't seriously injured
Determined hippo still achieved its aim which was to protect her calf, so therefore her fight wasn't in vain.