Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gala Sellers To Represent Nigeria In The 2014 Winter Olympics

Hahaha... I laugh throway my Range Rover for inside Aso Rock... Chai wetin we no go see, i think the sports minister is write because those hawkers are the best runners in the country.

The Nigerian sports ministry has embarked on an operation to recruit hawkers who sell items on major roads across the country. The sports minister, Mr John Fadiora, said “This is something we should have done a long time ago, we have many people who sell things on the roads and they are always in motion, running up and down to sell their goods. Some of them even run faster than many cars, these are raw talents wasting away. The federal ministry of sports has decided to work with these hawkers, especially the ones that sell gala sausage rolls, they run like sport cars. One of them chased me from Oshodi to my house in Victoria Island one day because I forgot to pay him his money, what was really surprising was that he even got to my house before me even though I was driving. These guys have what it takes to bring Nigeria all the gold medals when it comes to athletics. They will also save the country from spending so much money training new athletes as they don’t even need any training. They just need to continue selling their goods and on the day of the competition we will take them to go and represent us at Sochi winter 2014. I’m sure Usain Bolt will be amazed to see that Nigeria has got running machines in human form”.

When Diamond spoke to one of the road side hawkers, he said “I am ready to represent my fatherland in the Olympics, I am sure nobody can run as fast as I can. In fact one day I ran out of my house in my dream and I woke up in reality running on the road. It is in me and I Cannot wait to become a star”.

Note: This is a joke and should not be taken seriously


  1. Lies and laughter.

    Diamond....Hawker first you reach house,how hawker take know your house? Choi -Lies made in Nigerian and for Nigerians.

    1. She's obviously trying to crack a joke

  2. Choice wat a joke... So hilarious, tanks 4 making me laugh after that

  3. Awwwwwww.......! I dn't know why,but this news just put a smile on my face a minute ago.I see these guys hussling in traffic,risking their lives...sometimes they loose their money or goods in the process.Believe me,some of them can RUN! I hope something good comes out of it and i wish them the best of luck.

  4. No be only gala,all dos vendors here in Anambra.

  5. Hahaha hahaha, dis one na joke of d year. Madam D, tnks for cracking my ribs but on a second thought, na true talk oo


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