Thursday, August 29, 2013

FInally, Beverly speaks about Afro candy's offer


How she feels about Angelo’s supposed girlfriend Candice

  • I don’t want to talk abt his so called gf cos I don’t know anything abt her.

Did u sleep with Angelo in the house?

  • I did not sleep with Angelo. I loved him and I still love him. I would get married to Angelo if I had the chance!

 You said nothing happened but I saw the bathtub scene!

  •  I’ll still say….Nothing happened between me and Angelo!

What exactly was your strategy? Was it to say it all?

  • I talk a lot. My strategy was nothing. I just went with the flow…

Afrocandy wants u to feature in one of her movies…

  • Afrocandy nibo? No oooo…..Thanks for the offer but NO!

At some point, Beverly used ‘S***’ on air! To which CoolFMNigeria told her: You don’t have to apologise if you know that was your real self...
But Beverly I saw the video naaa,lol


  1. I knew u wud deny it Fooooool *in Dillish's voice*

  2. Wat is with bev avin sex wi angelo,u ppl should leave her, she's in luv wit him and ur al insulting the girl, most of u do worst things,like slpin wi ur frnds hubby,ur sis hubby n even ur pastors(ese).na the one wey una see una dey capitalize on.smh

    1. She's d first Nigerian to av sex in d bba house...

  3. Abeg weytin be una own now esther pls mind ur business @shaun thx jare