Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Huge Snake (Python) Swallowed A Man... Please Do Not Open If You're Not Man Enough - PICTURES

This picture is alleged to be the only known photograph ever taken of a snake eating a human (more like
trying too). It was taken in Malaysia and printed in a local magazine there.

Apparently the snake couldn't get its mouth over the man's shoulders and therefore could not actually
swallow him.
The person was dead (he suffocated) whether this is due to being contricted (most likely) or by having his head swallowed!

This next set of pictures allegedly shows the body of a person that was ingested by a snake.
The first two pictures allegedly show the snake before it was cut open, notice the large lump (is it me or does this look like a large log has been inserted into the abdomen of the snake?)

The final picture is supposed to show the actual 'lump' in the snake, this picture alleges to shows that is was a person that was actually swallowed by the snake and was in its stomach.

Firstly, the snakes head looks rather too small, not only to swallow the head, but impossibly small to actually be able to get it's jaws past the man's shoulders.

Make of it what you will!  - My own personal feeling is that these are staged photos


  1. I guess you're right,diz are just unreal n staged

  2. Staged and rily disgusting