Sunday, November 17, 2013

Basic Makeup Tips, DOs and DON'Ts That Will Guide You While You Purchase Your Makeup Products And Enable You Achieve That Flawless Look

Basic makeup tips and makeup DOs and DON'Ts that will guide you while you purchase your makeup products and also as you try to achieve that flawless look.
    Before we go deep into details, it is important to know the basic items that every woman should have in her makeup bag. Most of these items are things that no woman wants to be without because they either make or break your look.

1. Lipstick & Lip gloss
    Lipstick is one of the most important item every woman should have. The lips when neglected would obviously make the makeup look incomplete. The right quantity of lipstick should be applied. It is important for every woman to know the right shades of lipstick that goes well with her skin color, bearing in mind that what fits one, just might not fit another. Lip-gloss makes your lips shine and fuller without the excessive intensity of color. Combine the two for maximum results.

Dark skin: Cocoa, plums, red and pastel orange.
Yellow skin: Lipstick colors berry and chocolate.
Pale skin color: Light pink, nude, beige and the corals.

2. Mascara
  The mascara helps the eyes become more expressive. Using mascara is a solution to achieving the perfect eyelashes.
     use a thin mascara to make the appearance look more natural, and the thicker version with a large brush to make lashes look bolder. Ladies with scanty eyelashes should go for mascara that adds volume to the lashes. while those with short lashes should go for lengthening mascara.

3. Translucent Powder
    Wearing the right make-up should not look like wearing a mask. Using the right shade of powder is totally just a way to make the natural beauty revealed. Translucent powder gives the skin a thin layer to control the oil that often secreted on the face. How busy are you? retouch your face by re-spreading powder over the face when the powder on the face starts getting greasy.

Tip: Before you use powder, use wax paper in advance to absorb oil on the face, and then apply the powder all over the face and neck.

4. Eye Shadow
 Wearing eye shadow makes the eyes shine in the daytime and gives it a glowing effect. Highlights on your eyes should be more radiated by wearing eye shadow .
Neutral eye shadow colors are suitable for casual events and is used in the daytime. For more dramatic impression choose a gray and black.

5. Concelear / foundation
    Facial imperfections like acne, dark spots, scars and black circle around the eyes can be covered up with concelear. In contrast to the foundation, its texture is lighter and more devoted to cover areas that are not perfect.
   There are the unusual concealer colors like green, blue and yellow and every color have their respective functions and the various skin tone which the work for, example red spots, acne and scars. But experts warn that the color-correcting concelears are difficult to use properly, and if you do not know the proper way to use them, the face ends up looking worse than before, so it is advisable to use a neutral color that suits your skin type and color.
    The foundation acts as a base. It helps to hold the makeup together. Its major function as known by most lady is to cover up blemishes on the face as well as imperfections. Before you purchase your foundation, endeavor to buy from a professional who knows alot about it and who in most cases wouldn't sell fake product to you. Insist that the foundation be tested with the foundation tester so as to ensure that you get the right shade.
    NOTE: Every woman should endeavor to purchase her makeup item from professionals who know a lot about them and not from roadside traders. Using fake makeup products exposes the skin to breakouts and in some cases, rashes etc.

6.Eyebrow pencil / Eyebrow definer

The eyebrow pencil is used to fill the brows and give them a definite shape that suits the face. Leaving the the eyebrows unkept is the first step to achieving the perfect makeup look.The eyebrow when properly trimmed and filled gives the face an almost perfect.

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