Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Oh No... Rihanna Got Herself Yet Another Tattoo... Now Her Hands Officially Looks Like That Of A Lizard

Fresh off her Diamond Life World tour sadly coming to an end, Ri Ri was caught stepping into her hotel with her girlfriend Cara Delevingne but I couldn’t help but notice a change on her left hand.

Rocking a  Rihanna For River Island high shine parka jacket, the singer’s hand looked to be covered with the beginning stages of even more ink.

But we can slow our roll! According to the bad gal it’s actually just pen markings. On the Instagram account, Replies that shows Rihanna’s responses to her fans on the social network, she cleared it all up:

As we know, she already had a Maori tattoo chiseled into her right hand followed by a Henna tattoo. So it wouldn’t be a surprise if new ink is soon to come and I also think that's a sarcastic response as we all know Rihanna and her sarcastic nature... Anyway time shall tell, going to look for other gossip


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