Sunday, November 10, 2013

YOU ARE TOO UGLY!!! Chinese Airline Rejects Air Hostess Job Applicants

Heehehe... I laugh in Chinese, It doesn't matter what is on your Certificate Verification (CV) or the experience you have, if your face doesn't fit you don't stand a chance with this Chinese airline. Lol, They watch out for spots, injuries and many more, they even measure your face with a ruler...

Thousands of pretty girls recently tried out in Shanghai for their dream job as an air hostess filled with hope, but will only make the grade if they meet very particular criteria.

Only women with the correct height and body shape are allowed through to the next stage of the process and all applicants have their faces measured.

Bizarrely they are even tested on whether can straighten their arms or not!

They are also rigorously checked for scars, blemishes and other imperfections before being given the go ahead.

Image is an extremely important part of Chinese culture and is reportedly not uncommon for employers to ask for photographs, measurements and even marital status when advertising vacancies.

I know some people prefer to enter a plane filled with beautiful girls but seriously if you're lucky to get a job with this airline and you're involved in an accident, trust me you're losing your job ASAP


  1. Wats with dese Chinese people n beauty sef? Rubbish!!!

  2. According to madam dee... That's some serious shit


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