Friday, May 16, 2014

Woman Exposes Her Pastor's Full Nude Pictures Online - SEE PHOTOS

Pastor Charles Jenkins, a Grammy award-winning songwriter, author and a senior pastor at Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church in Chicago, has unpleasant photos of himself, displaying his bare body, floating around the internet. According to EEW magazine they stated that the photo of the multi-Stellar award-winning recording artist was posted online by a woman who is attempting to force the pastor to pay her money that she says he owes her.
Jenkins appears in the picture completely nα.kéd, brushing his teeth in front of a mirror and apparently unaware that his picture is being taken, according to EEW.
This is the first time that the recording artist, music producer, and senior pastor has stolen the limelight for anything except proclaiming the gospel of the Kingdom of God. See full photo below


  1. He has gat a small dick n its bent as well.......that's my own observation anyway

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