Monday, November 25, 2013

I Got A Call And Several Text Messages From Satan- Terrified Woman Cries Out

Ok.... I'm not gonna say anything, i'm just gonna let you guys read and us what you think... Its really creepy!

A Colorado mother spent the night scared and ‘praying
nothing would happen’ after she got a missed call from

Jenn Vest was half asleep while bosom-feeding her son
when her phone rang from the number 1-666-666-666.
After that call, she received 48 text messages from
different numbers, all with only the single word ‘Satan’ in the messages. See Picture After the jump

‘It really freaked me out because I was half asleep
feeding my son and it woke me up.

She said she thought she might have been dreaming at

'Then I stayed up the rest of the night praying and
hoping nothing would happen,’ Vest told KUSA TV.
The woman said she tried calling the number back, only to get a recorded message saying the number was no longer in service.

The phone number has been used to prank people in the past, sometimes with threatening messages telling
people they were going to die.

'Yesterday I got a phone call and my mom answered it. It said "Ian Folk (my name) has three days to live". Of
course my mom has been freaking out all day about it. I pushed last call on my phone and it says the number is 666-666-6666. I try to call it but it isn't a real number. it was pretty creepy,' says one person on a blog.

Another person wrote: 'I just got a call from
666-666-6666 (which was creepy enough). An automated voice that sounded like the old Apple text to speech guy stammered sputnik at me for a bit then called me a f**kstick and told me to press 3 to remove myself from the calling list.'

Vest said she did not know how someone had found her
number but said she had recently hung up business
flyers and thought that it could stem from them.

According to one comment, there is nothing to be
scared of and that it is an automated service people can use at the website

People who want to play a prank of their friends can do it through that website, according to the comment.
However, the said website was not working at the time
this story was published.


  1. So Satan stays in america

  2. She must have been hallucinating

    1. was her phone also hallucinating? cos there is a screen shot up there.

  3. I doubt she would panic if she hadn't been brainwashed with the bible. If satan now calls people,yahweh should reveal himself if he truly exists.

  4. Its good to know that the whites can also get scared by the same rooster and bull stories they fed to the Africans

  5. When I say end somebody say time... END.......

  6. Americans, na lie...........make she relax

  7. Her phone doesn't have off button abi?

  8. Abeg abeg abeg mak I hear. Cooked story. E no done sef

  9. killer number gone international