Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ewww... I've Heard Of Pierced Nipples, Even Pierced Cl*ts But You Would Not Believe What This LadybPierced: WARNING GRAPHIC PHOTO

Soooo . . . there's a lady in the United Kingdom that thought it was cool to PIERCE HER CERVIX. No this ain't no joke ... This chick got an EARRING RIGHT IN HER CERVIX

To see the VERY UNCENSORED pic,
click HERE

Here is how the woman was described in a recent profile: "Ashley Crawford is a twenty-six year old body modification artist and sex worker that’s spent most of her life in various parts of England. Ash began as a tattoo artist six years ago, later moving into piercing and scarification . .

As an adult, Ash became increasingly interested in body modification that blurs the line between male and female — for six years modifying secondary sexual characteristics through steroid use (testosterone) and more recently a bilateral mastectomy."


  1. Why does it bother anyone when people do strange things. Recently, it seems like an influential person in the system, took a girl to a hotel (Sugar Daddy things), had sex with her then later on transformed into a python and got her devoured. At the moment, the Police are still on scene and even went as far as using tear gas to disperse the crowd. However, it's evident that something happened.

    Point is, the world today is one not to bother about the things people do to themselves cause seriously, there's no point. Neither you nor I can do anything about it. If you make the wrong move, carry on with it. Period.

  2. SMH: make she paint am wit poster colours........m