Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Two Female University Students Stripped For Stealing- PHOTO

Here is another typical case of how Kenya like taking laws into their own hands. it is almost a daily occurrence a very few make it to the media.
But Kenya are not totally to be blamed as their lack of trust in the Government expresses its self in this incident.
Notwithstanding, the people of Kenya must be enlightened on the right procedure of bringing an alleged criminal to book instead of taking laws into their hands, they must be conscious of the negative effect of jungle justice on the image of this country.

Police in Eldoret early this morning rescued two female MOi university students from an angry mob after they had str1shopped them for allegedly drugging a resident and were plotting to steal from his house. The drama that ensued brought business in that part of Langas to a standstill as the n*ked women were paraded in public. The two were later taken to the Langas police station Eldoret is a city in Kenya.

In 1984, Moi University was established by the government, and named after the country’s 2nd president Daniel arap Moi

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