Monday, November 18, 2013

Obama Shouldn't Mention My Baby Mama's Name- Kanye West Threatens The President Of The United States Of America

What has come over Kanye West, he is completely out of his mind, and now he's about to be in trouble with the secret service. This morning Kanye issued a THREAT to the President Of The United States.

Yeezy is too much of a FOOL to know that threatening the president is A SERIOUS CRIME. So on the Philadelphia morning show 107.9, Kanye did the UNTHINKABLE.

Given the fact that Kanye sounds like a CRAZY PERSON, and acts very unpredictably... we hope the President takes this threat seriously.

BTW - he's no longer talking like a White person anymore . . .

Kanye is quoted as saying:

Interviewer: Just leave Michelle [Obama] alone Ye, leave Michelle alone.

Kanye West: Well, uh, I think he shouldn't mention my baby mama's name, because we both from Chicago. And you know . . . [He was then interrupted by the interviewer]

Earlier in this interview Kanye is quoted as saying that he "Doesn't care if someone is The President." Like seriously, I really need to find bout what this dude is up to.. Lol.


  1. Let's see...prez O got Navy Seals, the entire U.S. military force, the FBI, CIA, Secret Service, and Kanye got Jay-Z, and ummmm, yea, ummmm....Prez O better watch his back. Kanye has been known to carry out his threats! hahahahah I can't stop laughing. He is trying so hard to be like JayZ that it don't make no sense....he need to sit down somewhere because in addition to making more of an asz of himself than he already was, he is losing his fan base

  2. Kanye all over the place. One day his mouth is going to write a check that his azz can't cash. Having money don't always save the black man from himself

  3. He NEEDS to remember that 1 he's a pillow biter. And 2 what he's going through now is payback for that *** he said about Bush. His debt isn't even over having to parade the biggest *** since superhead around and he's running his mouth about being from Chicago. But all smiles and admiration when he's around that nicca Ricardo that makes dresses. Here's an FYI Kenya, REAL dudes from the Chi are not walking around in skirts with their blouses unbuttoned to the navel. Real nicca's from the Chi aren't sitting down making sure all the bracelets they want to wear for the day are fastened. Real ***'s from the Chi aren't at an event for the industry they are in and half the room gave his "baby momma" the sausage. This HERB eating SPAM and trying to convince everyone its steak! Keep trying to get ray j's urinal and the NBA/NFL's sperm depository that star on the walk of FAME. Don't worry about the President he's not your kind of guy, he likes WOMEN.

    U.K Reader

  4. the POTUS isn't going to care about something like this and if he does that is straight bs, with all the *** that is happening with this country and the economy, all Kanye did as a man was get upset someone spoke about his girl, any man would feel the same way, it just so happened to be the POTUS lol, he a wild child however Freedom of speech