Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ghanian Actor John Dumelo Builds Multi-Million Dollars Hotel- SEE PICTURES

Popular Ghanaian actor John Dumelo is the owner of this multi million dollar hotel called MASELO, from the view no one even needs to tell you it cost a lot.
 In his own words ““I coined the name from my full name John Mathew Kofi Setor Dumelo.”, the award-winning Ghanaian actor is best known for establishing other businesses of social benefits. See Pictures Below

Aside acting, his John Dumelo Foundation which is very operational, presented an amount of GH¢3,000 to the Students Financial Aid Office of the University of Ghana, Legon

You probably might think their only source of income is acting but you’re totally wrong, these guys have huge investments, they invest their cash wisely, they can’t act forever so they’ve always got to fall back on something.


  1. @ fortunechiby; t might cos if he s investing he can get more dan dat. Omo actors dem dey see moni ooooo

  2. Dose buildin ain't dat expensive

    1. My thoughts exactly... Anywayz I'm still crushing on u and I can't wait to behold ur cute face my John Dumelo *kisses*

    2. Sweet dream ironlady

  3. Probably,a 4-star hotel or maybe 3 sef :p

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