Saturday, November 16, 2013

Man Develops Big Breast After Stealing Cow- PICTURES

This 40 year old Man has developed breasts after stealing from a “fenced cow". When a thief is busted he is normally beaten thoroughly beaten but this Mhondoro family fixed this guy by “blessing” him with a pair of breasts, so big that if he had been a woman, a  baby would drink its fill.

40 Year old Acry Shayamano who hails from Nherera village in Mhondoro is at a total loss as how to deal with this curse that has befallen him. Facts we gathered are that Acry developed these breasts after stealing cattle and speculation is high that the family he stole from are the ones who fixed him.
Acry Chinhivi Shayamano, who is pictured in this article lives in Magejo village. He is a married man with three grown kids.  Villagers who spoke to the News crew on condition of anonymity intimated that Acry had stolen cattle from some family in Mhondoro. They claimed he had sold the cattle to unscrupulous butcheries.
 Acry initially denied these allegations and claimed that he had no idea how he had come to develop these breasts!
After being persuaded he opened up to News Reporters and allowed photographers to take pictures of his “newly acquired assets”.
 “Who told you guys that i grew breasts?” he charged. ” My breasts are similar to yours guys, its just rumour mongers bent on tarnishing my name,  I have never stolen any cattle.  Agreed cattle do get stolen in this area but i have absolutely nothing to do with it.
If this is how they treat people who still in Nigeria... Mmm... Guys would have breast and girls would have d*ick .... Quit cool isn't it?


  1. *laughing as he sips Alomo bitters with straw*

  2. Sexy Man!! Se boobs Ooº°

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