Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Nollywood Actress Tonto Dikeh In Yet Another Twitter War With Nigerian Blogger Linda Ikeji, Tells Her She'll Die Slowly

You are suffering and i feel bad for you... WOW, what a diss. When POKO vs APROKO meets there is always WILD. I guess these two will always be like this. Two days ago, Linda Ikeji posted something about Tonto Dikeh sending a shout out to her haters. The news didn’t go well with Tonto because not only was the news fake, the account was as fake as the news. This morning, Tonto took to twitter to give many seats to Linda to sit down, Lol! Linda of all people should have known that wasn’t Tonto Dikeh’s real account….anyway, she has deleted the post from her blog and my love for her remains strong ( I mean Linda Ikeji)

The fake account.
That being said, Tonto woke up this morning with the sole intention of making today miserable for Linda. She tweeted:
When will u grow up and learn?? When really would you ever be happy enough to ignore the hate u feel inside? You are suffering and I feel Bad for you but am Praying for you
You choose not to write about my success, fucking big deal but u Reduce n embarrass yourself by picking Fake news from fake Account, you are dying slowly
It's painful coz I see the amount of effort u putting into this but all Am asking you Is Ain't u seeing d Way All d bullets fall down??? Why FOOL U,Bye*
I've gone beyond hating,Now Am praying for U** #POKO
Tonto, I can imagine how you feel but don’t forget she didn’t hate on you when you were depressed and attempted suicide. She may be a pin in the ass but deep down, she is a nice girl, I know because she's the best blogger in Nigeria and after her comes Diamond Odey, we are just specialized in gossiping... That's all, we joke a lot that's the fun of it.....................
................. Runsaway# 


  1. This is war,and the linda ikeji I know will pretend as if nothing happen because she's a mature woman

  2. Lol, dis tontolet n her sharp mouth sef, I know my Lindiway will handle this with maturity as usual...

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