Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I F**ked Nicki Minaj ask Waka, Gucci claim

the rapper took to twitter claiming he had sex with nicki minaj, although he took a shot at everyone, i think someone got him pissed,lol. Gucci mane is known not to be good with secrets,so it not surprising that he is claiming he had sex wit Nicki in the early stage of her career but whats shocking is the insults he gave to some celebrities, he also said he did'nt have sex with her alone and his accomplice Waka Flocka was with them, Gucci Mane also added keysha cole and Monica as his bedmates,see tweets below

Nicki Minaj replied almost immediately denying and claiming that he is just mad cos she and tyga refused to feature on his track

Gucci is willing to release the sex tape, if anyone is willing to pay for them , ghen ghen that awkward moment when you wish everyone in the world is poor, but if she slept with him what's his point, could it be another publicity stunt, because Nicki Minaj aint no virgin, see another picture of them together below:€€


  1. This nigga is broke

  2. So Nicki was dis fine, she shud better go back to her former way of dressing coz she looks way prettier than now...