Tuesday, November 26, 2013

We Know Tonto Dikeh Had An Eye For Gold... But We Didn't She Also Had An Eye For Her Gold Maker... Check Out Tonto Dikeh's New Boyfriend

I'm very sure you all remember this dude in the picture below... His name is Michael and he was first introduced by Tonto Dikeh to the public as the dude who helped her get her Golx Accessories, now he is once again introduced to the public by the same Tonto Dikeh but this time around not as a gold maker but as a boyfriend.

The ELOY Awards held last night and it was a glamorous event... It was reported that Tonto Dikeh unveiled her new boyfriend Michael Awolaja after she got her merit award as the best actress of the year?

In case you didn’t know, Micheal Awolaja is the guy behind all Tonto’s customized Diamond iPhones, Rolex and many more. See another after the flip

Tonto Dikeh won the award for best actress of the year and while she came on stage to receive her award she took the opportunity to thank every one of her friends, fans and most especially her boyfriend, Michael Awolaja.

She reportedly appeared in public functions with him introducing the rich and flamboyant businessman as her new hobby. Michael Awolaja is the C.E.O of Malivelyhood and he is said to be the one one behind Tonto's customized Rolex Watches and diamond encrusted phones. Congratulations to them.

So you think they're a perfect match?


  1. Let her tried and settle down instead of jumping frm man 2 another

    1. *Let her tried keh? (Can't bliv I read that)

    2. LMAO.... ochi egbuelam

    3. Lmao, lesbian boy biko take it easy on anon 12.26am

  2. I think they fit each other...... she looks like she NEEDS money and he looks like he HAS it

  3. Tonto luvs flexin shaa..da nigga is a rich fish

  4. Leave dat bani......she jst dey jum jump....# tonto d' jumpin chicken #