Tuesday, November 26, 2013

ASUU STRIKE UPDATE: ASUU Has Finally Agreed To Call Off Strike Only On Three Conditions

The Academic Staff Union Of Universities (ASUU) has finally agreed to call off the five months strike, giving three (3) important conditions. Read them below:

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has given three conditions to be tabled before President Goodluck Jonathan today. If the terms are acceptable to the Federal Government, the union will call off the strike.

The ASUU leadership has banned its local chapters and zonal chairmen from talking to the media until after the session with the President.

ASUU President Dr. Nasir Issa Fagge and other leaders of the union were being expected in Abuja last night.

According to a source, who was part of the ASUU session at Mambayya House in Kano, the conditions are:

•Commitment from the President that any review or reconsideration or renegotiation of the 2009 Agreement will not substantially affect the pact which is the cause of the ongoing strike;

•Immediate payment of all outstanding salary arrears and allowances of varsity teachers without victimization; and

•A written commitment from the President that the Federal Government will commit N225billion annually to the funding of universities for the next four years.

There is a fourth condition, which is said to be “personal” to ASUU, bordering on the need to be wary of gradual loss of public sympathy.

The union leaders were said to have recognised public goodwill for the strike and the need to avert any action that could erode such confidence.

The source said: “Our leaders are meeting with the President on Monday to table these conditions. Once the President accepts these three terms, the strike will be called off.

“In principle, members voted about 60-40 per cent to call off the strike, but they added a caveat – that ASUU leaders should extract a commitment (signed and sealed) from the President.

The union is said to have insisted on the three conditions because during talks with the Federal Government, it was apparent that the government wanted a renegotiation of the 2009 Agreement.

“If ASUU had accepted to renegotiate the entire Agreement , it means there will be no basis for the ongoing strike. The worst that can happen is either having the abridged version of the 2009 Agreement or a phased implementation of the document,” the source added.

The Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko (AAUA), Ondo State became at the weekend the third institution to break ranks with the striking union.

It asked its students to return to the campus today. Lecture are to start on December 2, according to the Registrar, Mr. Bamidele Olotu.

Enugu State University of Technology (ESUT), Enugu, and the Ibrahim Badamosi University, Lapai, in Niger State had earlier directed the reopening of the schools.

The registrar directed students to begin their registration on the school portal immediately.

AAUA Student Union President Julius Adeniyi welcomed the resumption plan and assured his fellow students of a hitch-free semester.

He said: “We are dying and wasting away our time at home; and I am backing my Vice Chancellor on the resumption date. We are coming in and nothing will happen.”

This is getting too much of ASUU! So you guys won't to be paid for job not done? Can you give back what parents and students have lost during the strike? It's quite obvious all you guys are after is your own interests and not those of the Nigerian students. I pray the government will not agree to your selfish demands!


  1. A clear indication of defeat. Lecturers, do not politicise your positions for in you reside the pride of the nation even if it was never acknowledged. Your actions now, after the long waiting and the eventual loss of goodwill, will convey to Nigerians a detasteful massage that 'behind all your propaganda are your interest first. Clearly, your considerations are your drive and what you carry as your banner is a clear deceptive tool to win public sympathy; a gesture you are fast losing hence, your desire to stay relevant. The genuine slogan you have carried should have been backed with a genuine interest to eradicate the rot in the educational system but, interlectuals as you all are, you forgot that education is not what a man learnt when he is an adult but when he was a kid. How do our pre-university institutions fare, was never and perhaps will never be your concern. You're doomed for failure untill you recognise your own shortcomings.

  2. If dis money is given,
    wil d lecturers stop failing us (in uniabuja[part time]) bcos we refuse 2 settl dem?
    Wil it stop d issue of missin script afta exams?
    wil it put an end to caryova on courses u did not evn regista?
    wil it stop d lecturers 4rm sendin 'student lecturers' 2 kom n lecture during our oficial contacts?
    Wil it put a stop on a mixup in ur result, such dat u dont av diferent result on a master list of a result sheet and d 1 postd on d net 4 students?
    Wil it put a stop 2 victimization of student by lecturers?
    The questions can go on n on but let me stop here 4 now.

  3. It is true that the strike has taken long, but 70% of what ASUU is demanding is for the benefit of the student. But the students themselves do not realize this. In our own time we were not suffering as the present day students are suffering. In our own time we were even the people to go on strike when things were going wrong but today the students are ready to die rather than letting the govt. to do what is right. The students of today are just interested getting their certificates and leave,. They fail to know their rights. I am not a lecturer neither do I have intention to be but I think ASUU is right by making those demands that will be for the benefit of University education in Nigeria. When the Federal Govt were signing the agreements were they charmed by ASUU. They knew what they were demanding were right. That is why they signed. In our own time only two students were quartered in a hostel room with better food. Is it so today? That is why our leaders are sending their children overseas because of the suffering conditions of the Nigerian University students. So, students know your rights and fight for it and not to abuse your lecturers.

  4. D issue is y do dey want 2get paid 4 a job not done?? Derez a reason it is called strike,ur suposed 2 loose sumtin 2 gain wat u really want.

  5. @ Boss dats a fat lie....I pray our president administer checks nd balnce on asuu and vc's or beta stil let EFCC wach over them

  6. Diamond n her commentators, una sabi give long speech oo, d only gist I want to hear is dat d strike has been called off

  7. It doesn't make sense to resume for 2 or 3 weeks and then go home for d hols. Abeg make dem wait. January nor far again

  8. ASSU is now taking more than left for them, they should allow students to resume to their various schools.