Friday, January 3, 2014

WEIRD: First Pregnant Man Gives Birth To A Beautiful Baby Girl

Mmmm.... So now the mother is the father to the child and the father is the mother to the child.

Last Wednesday, December 18, the first baby to be born to transgender parents in Argentina was delivered via C-section in the province of Entre Ríos. The proud parents are 26-year-old Alexis Taborda and 28-year-old Karen Bruselario. Alexis was born a woman, but lives as a man and Karen was born a man, but lives as a woman. Because of
Argentina's Gender Identity Law passed in May of 2012, the couple have both been able to legally change their genders without gender reassignment surgery, which meant that when they got pregnant via natural means, it was the man, Alexis, who carried the baby. So what about the baby?

Well, the baby was due on December 22 via scheduled C-section, but couldn't wait. Alexis started having contractions the weekend before the scheduled birth, and the baby was born "early" weighing 9.37 pounds (that's a big baby) at Hospital Fermín Salaberry in Victoriain. The couple named their baby girl Génesis Evangelina.

I know how many ladies would wish for this to happen normally, they prefer men to be carrying children for 9 months so they can actually feel what we go through


  1. Yes ooo, let them know what it feels like to carry a whole human being inside of u for 9 months