Sunday, November 10, 2013

PHOTOS of Pirates of the Caribbean Star Character Jack Sparrow in amazing edible form- Johnny Depp Cake

Johnny Depp is a lot of things: Academy Award winning actor, film producer, musician, sex symbol, and now he is also edible - in cake form.

The nearly life-size cake, show off at a competition in Birmingham, shows the sexiest man alive according to People magazine

The Pirates Of Carribean star who is now cake is based on Depp's Jack Sparrow character and measures in roughly five inches shorter than the real thing and had to be stood on a 2ft-wide board to hold it up.

Who else is hungry....


  1. Beautiful piece. Too bad it has to be eaten someday

  2. 9ce cake........why not nicki minaji t would ve been sexy

  3. Wonderful!!! I love dis cake

  4. In jack sparrows voice:::savvy....nice cake tho

  5. I love me that dude. Lol @lexical "savvy".