Sunday, November 10, 2013

Guess The Celeb In This Photo

As I was looking for aproko... Lo and behold I saw this picture and began to wonder... Is this Diamond Odey and her friend, could it be ODEY Diamond the blogger? Just can't seem to put the face right, please help :(


  1. Diamond can dream... L, nice one. I tink its genevieve

    1. Yaaa... Oga anonymous, Genny is not that fair na. That's definately Tonto

  2. Nice blog. I gotta say u would soon be popular than that linda ikeji who hasn't married at age 35 bcuz of her small change.

  3. Dats Rihanna n @adewale shut up der hu told u linda is 35yrs abi na u born am ni? Stupid guy dnt go n tink of hw 2 mk ur own stay here n b openin ur mouth wide blabbin shit. Linda has made it so kill ursef idiot

  4. Rhinna d fair 1. Lol