Wednesday, November 13, 2013

COUPLE ALERT: It's Official Drake And Rihanna Are The New Couple In Town... Check Out These Pictures

Drake flew into Dallas to attend Rihanna's show, it was surprise visit so he was spotted seating Behind the crowd and was later spotted together having a romantic dinner after which they both retired to Rihanna's Hotel room

According MTO

Everyone left . . . except Drake who stayed in Dallas all the way until NOW. Actually as of THIS MORNING dude is in Dallas.

Why did he stay - well because Rihanna's concert had a stop off in Dallas yesterday. And Drake was DYING to spend some time with his new girlfriend. Yes, you heard that right - Drake and RiRi are a couple.

Drake attended her concert last night, afterwards the two went out for dinner. Then the pair retired to Rihanna's hotel . . . where they spent the night together.

And just like that . . . there is a new HOTTEST COUPLE IN HIP HOP!!! LMAO I'm so happy for them as Drake dislike Nicki Minaj because she's all so silicon (artificial) he has found love in the no silicon chick RIHANNA


  1. To me,drake is better than chris so go girl

  2. This is another publicity stunt frm Drake..#marketin

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