Friday, November 29, 2013

BATTLE OF FLEXIBILITY... Check Out Miss Pole Dance Contestants/Winner, I Bet You Can't Do Any Of These Stunts In 200 Years To Come

If you think you're flexible then you probably haven't seen these buddies... Lol, I thought they said 'Miss Pole Dancers' didn't know guys could also pole dance... I'm seeing things, Anyway, a lot of contestants battled it out for the title of "Miss Pole Dance South America" by flexing and tossing their way through the competition which held on Monday in Buenos Aires

Brazilians Ekaterina Malykhina and Tallyta Torres came away with the win in the couples section at the event held in Buenos Aires in Argentina. Damn they are good...more pictures?

Belen Serra and Joaquin Dezzoti from home country Argentina came second

 while Colombians Sandra Toro and Wilson Mejia finished in third place.

Venezuelan Gregoris Garcia came out on top in the male category with a stunning display. See the rest of the contestants after the jump


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