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SHOCKING: See the Woman pregnant With 13 babies

Seriously, you mean thirteen kids are inside that womb? Does the father have at least six manhoods? Different questions keep popping in my head as I read this odd news in awe, I heard she's an Iraqi woman in her early 40s who has already delivered seven including twins since she married 24 years ago. Her husband Fadhil Al Azawi, a farmer from the central Iraqi province of Salahuddin, said medical tests and images showed his wife has 13 fetuses in her uterus although she has not been pregnant for the previous five years. He said he married another woman in 2012 after his wife failed to get pregnant in the previous five years, adding that he is now both elated and worried. "I am very happy about my wife's new pregnancy but at the same time I am worried about how to look after her to preserve this heavenly gift," he said. "The news that my wife is pregnant with 13 infants was a big surprise to me and I am now trying to arrange special care for her as her delivery will perhaps allow me to become the world's only father of such a big number of twins." Newspapers quoted Dr Mikdam Al Jabouri, a specialist at Takreet hospital in Iraq, as saying tests and images showed the woman is pregnant with 13 infants. "Initial tests showed four of them are dead as their hearts do not pulse…the rest appeared in good condition," he said. "The mother is also in good health and this is one of the rarest pregnancy cases in history…but we expect more of them to die in advanced pregnancy stages and that the babies who will be delivered alive will be very small." Mmmm.... She's gonna have push of life


This is a very vital and important article, with Nigerians sleeping with one eye as a result of the fear this Inhuman, Ruthless, Cold-blooded Terrorist called Boko Haram has generated in us. Just Imagine those Yobe students who were killed by Book Haram Sect.( may their souls rest in peace, Amen) if they had this knowledge who knows the number of deaths won't be that much, so please information is the key. So just Imagine you were shot and there is no help around, or not even sure if any is coming soonest. Chances of surviving a bullet wound depends on various factors.

 The depth at of the wound created by the bullet. 

 If the bullet has came in contact with major blood vessels, Organs, and bones. 

 The distance from the hospital 

 The type of bullet 

 The survival hints below is bent on keeping you alive until help comes and encompasses all of this factors.

 TAKE COVER: The first thing to do is to avoid another taking another shot by pulling yourself up unto a safe place.



 FIGHT BLEEDING: Wounds opens up a groove or vent for the confined blood inside your blood vessels to make their way out and a bullet wound is not an exception. Maybe the blood are always happy to be free from running around your body that's why you see them rushing out happily through your wounds. Everything likes freedom anyway.

 Stopping a bleeding bullet wound could be very hectic depending on the dept of the bullet inside the body. And also if the bullet has sojourned through any main artery, organ or even the bones. An internal bleeding is more dangerous than a external bleeding. But in every bullet wound your goal will be to contrict the affected blood vessels around the wound, and this you can do through applying either pressure or a method called cautirizing(heating up a metal heavilly and placing it on the wound) oh my God this can be so painful you know? But in critical situations like this, pain is not a factor to be added up amoung the problems at hand. To apply pressure, use a pad over the wound and apply pressure directly to the wound. If you have nothing available, even your hand or fingers can be used to control bleeding. You can still employ other methods of stopping bleeding which you feel can help in the situation. 

CALM YOURSELF DOWN: You have to be calm and also stable physically, mentally spiritually and any other ally available. Moving the affected part will push the surrounding arteries to deploy more blood to the wounded part, causing more bleeding. And also, panic will increase your heartbeat, more blood will be pumped and with the open wound serving as a channel for the pumped blood to be deposited. Then spiritually in the sense that, your soul need to fight the fear of living the body, and this you can achieve by praying to your creator. 

DRINK A LOT OF WATER: Water will help replenish your intravascular fluid lost during bleeding. 

 PREVENT INFECTION: When the bullet was plunging into your body, it cannot go in there alone, it goes in with some particles of your hair, skin and also your clothe. All this particles, especially the skin will start decomposition immediatly because it is dead. And thereby setting up a breeding ground for bacterias which will end up causing an infection if not attended to. To prevent infection you have to keep the wound clean by cleaning it with water and a clean cloth. Continue doing that until the ambulance arrives to take you to the hospital for proper treatment and a removal of the bullet. 

 Thank you so much for reading, please help save a life and remember there is power in information, u can 
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Baboon Grabs Award Winning Female Reporter's Breast On Live TV

For those who watched Rock Of Ages featuring Last week- Sabrina Rodriguez, an award-winning TV presenter, was reporting on the Lodi Grape Festival in California.

When She introduced Mickey the baboon to the viewers, the monkey politely shook her hand and then seized his opportunity to grope the female presenter but she carried on and even attempted to joke: "He's trying to cop a little bit of a feel".

 Mickey refused to let her go until she But despite her best efforts, Mickey refused to remove his paw and, looking rather pleased with himself, continued groping her as she wrapped up the broadcast. Keeping as straight a face as possible, she finished her segment with a sign-out.  Who says baboon are not related to man? lol

Nollywood Actresses go Top-less To Show off Their Blond Brazilian Hair

Believe me when I say I can see some tits, he he he.....Nollywood actresses Empress Njama and Toyin Lawani go top-less to show off their blond Brazilian hair...

Torres Recieves his 2nd yellow card against Spurs

I hope he doesnt get disqualified. Fernando Torres is in danger of becoming the first player to be penalised by a new disciplinary system being trialled by the FA after he was sent off in Chelsea's 1-1 draw with Tottenham.

The Spaniard was given his marching orders for two bookable offences on Saturday, but he may now find himself in further trouble for the incident which led to his first yellow card.

Referee Mike Dean brandished yellow for a coming together between Torres and Tottenham defender Jan Vertonghen. Replays later showed the Chelsea forward seemingly gouging his rival in the face.

It remains unclear whether Dean booked Torres for raising his hands to Vertonghen's face or for the trip leading up to the incident, but if he confirms in his match report that it was for the trip, his case will be sent to a new independent disciplinary panel who will decide whether the Spaniard warranted a straight red.

Currently the Chelsea man will receive a one-game ban for his sending off but he could face a further three games on the sidelines if the panel rule against him.

Both of Torres' bookings came after incidents involving Vertonghen, with the pair enjoying an on-going battle for much of the game.

Replays suggested the Chelsea forward's second booking was harsh, something Frank Lampard agreed with after the game.

“In the end we were disappointed to get just a point," the midfielder said. If we’d kept 11 men on the pitch we felt we would have won the game.”

“I didn’t see it clearly but apparently it wasn’t a sending off. He looks very sharp and competitive which is what you want. He caused Tottenham lots of problems with his pace and direct play. He was unlucky not to get a goal and to be sent off.”

Photoshop at its Peak

I really need to learn how to Photoshop oh.... See the way these guys a manupulating peoples head...yea, this is pure photo manipulation.

Like this is actually someone's face

And there goes the flying tiger, hehehe

Would bring more 

See Pictures Of Oge Okoye's Daughter As She Celebrates Her Birthday

Little crystal celebrated her birthday today with her friends in school and it seems like her daughter couldn't wait for today because after she posted thus pictures she then said 'now I can finally breath'. Little Crystal is three year old

Could This Be Mercy Johnson? She Looks So Old

The picture was taken on set and Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson was playing the role of a Grandmother. She kinda look like Joke Sylva to me  but damn she looks really old thumbs up make-up artist, could this be how our MJ would look in 40 years to come?

ASUU STRIKE UPDATE:: Varsities should Pay Lecturers Allowances from IGR- Jonathan

As we all know there was a Live presidential media chat with the President of Nigeria Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, during this chat, he boldly described the strike as unfortunate declaring that that the action has serious political undertone.

Why should a state university lecturer go on strike for a federal problem?, the president queried.

The president noted that the strike had political colouration giving the commitment of the current administration to address the challenges of university education and the refusal of ASUU to call off the strike despite the fact that government has conceded to many of their demands in the 2009 agreement.

Jonathan, therefore stressed that there are some items in the agreement that are implementable such as the demand for transfer of government landed property to universities.

The earned allowances, the President explained are supposed to be paid from the internally generated revenues of the universities.

He added that as part of government commitment to transform the nation’s universities, he set up Needs Assessment Committee who visited all public universities in Nigeria to take inventory of the institutions.

He regretted that ASUU has failed to recognize government in this direction, insisting that there have been many strikes in this country and those strikes were without such commitment as demonstrated his government.
Despite the fact that he stated that his commitment is totally to make changes, he also hinted at the need to revisit our labour laws because of the excesses of the trade unions.
“We will begin to look at the labour laws because of the excesses of labour unions,” he said.
President Jonathan used the occasion to call on the Academic Staff Union of Universities to call off the strike in the interest of Nigeria and the children.

 This is all i heard concerning ASUU strike during the presidential media chat, please if you have any other thing aside this feel free to comment and I'll add up, Thanks.

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Jim Iyke Delivered from Evil spirits in T.B Joshua's church- PICTURES

As at the time of writing this post, the famous Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke is currently being delivered by one of Prophet TB Joshua's Wise Men.

The evil spirit in him manifested and confessed of trying to destroy him by making him to be stubborn etc.

Lol! after his deliverance, instead of thanking God, the only words that came out of his mouth is "Where is my shoe men?"

NOTE::the evil spirit also admitted being responsible for JIM not being married b4 it was kicked as so let's be expecting JIM weds NADIA BUARI anytime soon

FIFA 14:: Top 20 Free-kicks specialist

EA Specialist have once again thrown up surprise ratings as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Gareth Bale all fail to claim a spot amongst the leading free-kick specialists on FIFA 14.

Galatasaray and CSKA Moscow both lead the way in terms of set-piece proficiency according to FIFA, with two entries each in top 20.

As expected, the free-kick accuracy rating is used as a gauge of aptitude from dead-ball situations.

Feel free to comment in the box below regarding on your thoughts FIFA’s latest set of ratings. Read on to find out who made the cut!

The 20 best free-kick takers in FIFA 14:

1. Juan Arango (Borussia Monchengladbach) - Free-kick accuracy: 92

2. Sejad Salihovic (1899 Hoffenheim) - Free-kick accuracy: 90

3. Andrea Pirlo (Juventus) - Free-kick accuracy: 90

4. Didier Drogba (Galatasaray) – Free-kick accuracy: 89

5. Francesco Lodi (Genoa) – Free-kick accuracy: 89

6. Ronaldinho (Atletico Mineiro) – Free-kick accuracy: 88

7. Rasmus Elm (CSKA Moscow) – Free-kick accuracy: 88

8. Benat Etxebarria (Athletic Bilbao) – Free-kick accuracy: 88

9. Marcos Assuncao (Santos) – Free-kick accuracy: 88

10. Sebastian Larsson (Sunderland) – Free-kick accuracy: 88

11. Rafael van der Vaart (Hamburg) – Free-kick accuracy: 88

12. Christian Fuchs (Schalke) – Free-kick accuracy: 87

13. Keisuke Honda (CSKA Moscow) – Free-kick accuracy: 87

14 Alberto Costa (Spartak Moscow) – Free-kick accuracy: 87

15 Anotonio Di Natale (Udinese) – Free-kick accuracy: 87

16 Xavi (Barcelona) – Free-kick accuracy: 87

17 Hiroshi Kiyotake (FC Nurnberg) – Free-kick accuracy: 87

18 Selcuk Inan (Galatasaray) – Free-kick accuracy: 86

19 Christian Pander (Hannover 96) – Free-kick accuracy: 86

20 Hernanes (Lazio) – Free-kick accuracy: 86

Frog Sperm gets a woman Pregnant... See the outcome

The sperm of a frog has been confirmed to be the source of a woman's pregnancy, this sperm was said to have penetrated through the woman in a river while she was having her bathe

The neck-less baby with its head almost totally sunk into the upper part of the body and with extraordinarily large eyeballs literally popping out of the eye-sockets, was born to Nir Bahadur Karki and Suntali Karki at the Gaurishnkar Hospital in Charikot.

Experts looking into this case concluded that the mother came into contact with spérms of a frog while bathing in a river. And coincidentally that was the exact time she was ovuláting.

A Mother caught her daughters making out with vibrator

Wow... Things are really happening, a 39 year old mother got the greatest shock of her live when she steps into her dauyhters room and saw her two daughters using a vibrator ( sex toy) on each other

The woman, Nonkazimulo Dube, caught the two women taking turns to sexually entertain each other, two weeks ago. According to a source, the two daughters are aged 22 and 27 respectively, who are based in South Africa, had come for a visit. The 27-year-old is reportedly Dube’s step-daughter.

It is alleged that after being caught red-handed, Mitchell and Grace Dube packed their bags the following morning and vacated from the house. The source, who is a family insider, said Dube fell ill after the incident.

“She had not been feeling well since then. her condition has not been that good. What she saw is really bothering. A meeting was held last weekend to discuss the matter and it was agreed that the two should be summoned so that they explain what they were doing,” narrated the source.

Contacted for a comment, Dube said she was at loss of words.

“I really don’t know what got into their minds and I don’t know what to say apart from that. I am still in shock,” she said.

Asked to describe what the scene was like and her reactions, the seemingly traumatised mother said she got into the girls bedroom at 7pm when she caught them red handed.

“I went into their bedroom to look for my Bible which I could not locate in my bedroom. I knocked on the door but I got no response. All I could hear was the sound of music which was being played so loud. I then decided to open the door and I found them naked with Metchell (the younger one) putting something shaped like a ‘man’ into Grace’s thing.

“They saw me and stopped. I asked them what was happening and Mitchell said they were just playing. I’m an adult, I could not take what I was seeing lightly. I did not speak to them that night and when I woke in the morning they were gone and they simply left a note saying that they were sorry.

“If South Africa is doing this to our children then God should curse it. I don’t want to see them near me. Some of the relatives agreed to call them back but I will not be part of these discussions,” she narrated.

Getting hold of Mitchell was really not easy, but when we finally managed to reach her, the ‘young adult’ said they were just experimenting and were not lesbians at all.

“We watched this other movie and saw some girls doing it and we just went for it. We are not lesbians,” she said via a social network application

See How Linda Ikeji Dazzles in Black as she cuts her Birthday Cake

So many birthday celebration in the air now there goes My Role Model Linda Ikeji, she celebrated her birthday party in london, the birthday party took place at Cokobar in Manchester and CokoBar in London as well, she might be single but have giving birth to many good blogs in Nigeria... We miss you much Linda, please come back with cake, i'm sorry for the picture size of the cake but so far this is the only picture that has leaked, would keep you guys posted

PICTURES from Beverly Osu's Birthday Party, WOW I Love That Cake

Beverly Osu celebrated her birthday yesterday @
Aura Hotel , VI Lagos and her fellow BBA housemates graced this event. Please stay tuned for more pictures by the way she's got a lovely cake 


Which do you prefer, she completely looks like a doll in braids and a Naughty Lady in blond, Lol, what do you think?

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See pictures of the 2014 Range Rover Sports

For those of you who intend to change their cars, I'm so excited to announce to you that the new Range Rover 2014 model will hit the streets of Nigeria very soon, so keep your hands crossed and your pocket open, lol

What is wrong with this photo

What is 2face doing behind there, could it be true when they say old habits die hard?..... Lol, this picture was taken in dubai during 2face and Annie's wedding

Rapper Ikechukwu's Ex-Girlfriend Shares Bathroom Pics

If you've been wondering why Ikechukwu has not been on the news of late, well I guess you now know his distraction, its an old pics though just felt like sharing

Angelo arrives Nigeria For His BBA Lover Beverly Osu's birthday Party- PICTURES

I'm so in love with this couple. The South Africa’s representative on this year’s Big Brother Africa show 'The Chase', Angelo Collins has arrived in Nigeria ahead of his sweetheart Beverly Osu’s birthday groove. Angelo arrived at Murtala Muhammed International Airport today, Saturday, September, 28, 2013 at about 2:45pm, and was welcomed by the BBA gang, Bassey, Bimp, and the birthday girl Beverly. Beverly will be throwing a birthday gig later today at the Aura Night Club, Victoria Island, Lagos. See more pictures of Beverly,Bassey, Bimp and angelo

Lesbianism in Nollywood - Actress Ejiro Confess

Actress Ejiro Okurame in this interview talked about lesbianism in this and also said how deep it has eaten into Nollywood, she also exposed that so many actresses are involved

See interview extracts below;

 Interviewer: Were you sexually harassed as an upcoming actress?

 Ejiro Okurame: I didn’t set myself up to be sexually harassed. However, the issue of sexual harassment is in every organization not just Nollywood. It happens everywhere.

 Interviewer: What is your view about lesbianism in the industry?

Ejiro Okurame: I think it is demonic. I won’t say much about it because a lot of people are involved. The industry needs divine intervention so God can erase such people from the industry. It has eaten deep and it is affecting us. That’s why we need to seek the presence of God. Lesbianism is a sign of the end of time.

 Interviewer: Have you been a victim before

 Ejiro Okurame: No, not really. I think it is when you give room for these things that they occur. I was in Abuja for a particular event when a lady asked me to sit on her laps. I was like ‘what, sit on your laps! For what?’ I left and got my own chair.

Genevieve denies rumoured threats with Eme star Skales-- Read Tweet

There has rumours in the air going round for sometime now saying that Genevieve Nnaji threatened to slap Skales of EME records, well I and Genny are so sorry to disappoint you, read Genevieve's courtly response below;

2face drinks pure water too

2baba posted this picture of himself sipping pure eater and he said 'After a hard day's run I cool of with PURE water. Hehehe.....' So it is true, Lol

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Owner of the 2nd Biggest Bottom In Brazil Goes Topless At The Beach

Well  Andressar Urach did'nt win the Miss Butt Brazil but she's definitely a Pro on the beach, the 2nd best ass in Brazil intentionally threw her bra into the beach and acted like it was missing ,I'm sure it was a great sight to behold

Celebrities looking ugly when they were younger- Pictures

 #4 Keira Knightley

Once upon a time our favorite character from Pirates of the Carribean would not have even gotten an audition. Good thing Keira went from beast to beauty.

 #3 Scarlett Johansson

Scarlet Jo was a tomboy as . kid, and to young boys a tomboy is the definition of an ugly duckling. Her classmates are kicking themselves for not making her their wifey back in the 4th grade.

#2 Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman was not a hideous child, but her afro puts her in rare company when it comes to celebrity transformations. You could take a machete to that thing without making a dent, Lol, but seriously the transformation was great

#1  Rusell Brand

Russell Brand started off looking like Tony Soprano's driver and now looks like....Russell Brand. The ultra skinny, tattooed funnyman looks nothing like his childhood self.

10 Surprising Places You Never Thought Existed In The World


This is jaw-breaking, and surprising, who ever thought places like this even existed, no more vacation trip to Obudu Ranch, I'm heading straight to HONOLULU

WATCH Big Freedia 358 Booties Ass-embles in New York As They Make The World Twerking Record

Yep three hundred and fifty-eight buttocks was present in New York City on Wednesday to TWERK and they didn't mind showcasing their butt-muscle while twerking during their lunch break, so they helped set the Guinness World Record for most people simultaneously twerking. Invade you u don't know Big Freedia is a hip-hop artist known for her booty Poppin videos, watch how she shows the whole world her as* while twerking