Friday, November 15, 2013

SHOCKING: Rapper Skales Release Ex-Girlfriend's Nude Photos Online

Dear Ladies... Please do not share your nude pictures to anyone, alot of people are out there looking for fams you might turn out to be a victim of circumstance.... It was be revealed that the relationship between Nigerian rapper Skales and his former beau, Kondja, did not only end in a sour note, but the couple seems to be bent on bringing each other down.

They have been spotted attacking each other on Twitter. Kondja’s friends also took to Twitter to lambast the rapper.

A few snapshots of the tweets below:

Things actually got a lot nastier last night when when some naked pictures of Kondja surfaced online under an fictitious account, and now she has some out on twitter to suggest that Skales was the one responsible for leaking those images online. She went as far as attaching screenshots of their conversation.

The picture surfaced on Instagram under the name, marylandhoe, but has been taken down since. Konja also shared a snapshot of the conversation where Skales allegedly apologized for the photos;

When asked who it was that posted her nude photos online, Kondja replies by saying they should  “figure it out”, then she posted another snapshot of the conversation to imply that the culprit was her ex.

See more tweets from her below


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