Thursday, November 7, 2013

Meet The Heartless Policeman Man Who Raped A Two years old Girl Brutally

A now dismissed Police Corporal who goes by the name Anthony Onoja, is said to have alleged to have r*ped a two-year-old girl at Kabayi area of Mararaba in Nasarawa State. This was contained in a statement on Tuesday in Abuja by the Force Public Relations Officer, Frank Mba, a Chief Superintendent of Police.

The statement said Onoja was dismissed on September 13, contrary to the reports “of the complacency of the Force in handling the case’.” He said, “Contrary to these false and clearly twisted facts, the Nigeria Police have since September 13, 2013, dismissed Corporal Anthony Onoja. “The ex-policeman, who allegedly r*ped a minor at Kabayi area of Mararaba in Nasarawa State, was charged to a Nasarawa High Court, on September 15, 2013, for the offence of r*pe, under Charge sheet No NSD/77C/2013. “The suspect was dismissed after an in-house administrative disciplinary panel (Orderly Room) indicted him for the disciplinary offences of discreditable conduct and conduct unbecoming of a police officer.”The statement said the dismissal of the officer followed a full scale criminal investigation conducted by the Anti-Human Rights Section of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Police Command in Nasarawa State. “The case diary was subsequently forwarded to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Nasarawa State Ministry of Justice, for legal advice. “Based on the advice of the DPP, Anthony Onoja was charged to High Court 3 in Nasarawa State. “The prosecution of the ex-police Corporal is being conducted by the Office of the DPP and is ongoing,” it said

I really hate to hear such news... 2 year old? I mean that's some serious sh*t


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