Sunday, October 27, 2013


I'm just in love with these guys....... They are hot,s*xy, handsome just name it, they are the BILLIONAIRES FAME MUSIC GROUP and when I say "Billionaires" no be for mouth, I've tasted that billions #wink. So the BFMG Generals are here with another smashing new hit titled "roger that" from the stables of billionaires fame music group (BFMG), A record label that is fast growing with a take over force.

BFMG Generals are two creative young and talented minds that have no other passion but the passion to be successful in the world of entertainment, with the best producer to keep making the hits for the label known as tommybeatz, these generals are about to take over the world, make sure you download the song through this LINK .......ROGER THAT? !!!! OVER. He he he! You can add them through their twitter handle and trust me they'll follow back, if they don't then unfollow is just one click ! " Roger That? Over!!!
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  1. I see just one cute person

  2. Wonderful song ! Definetly would get the mixtape good job... sell your music online