Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ladies Would You Rock This Bizarre Hair Style

He hehe...  Started today laughing and I'm still laughing, lol,  Very funny indeed,  someone mentioned that this is an hairstyle from planet Pluto

I wonder if it is due to diminishing hair on her head or to avoid 'wasting' money to make expensive hairstyles, or she is a new 'Sango' worshipper or even avoiding getting expensive Brazilian hair. I sure try to figure out what she was thinking

So guys, if your lady or sister adorn this hairstyle, would you term her as a new fashionista?

Or Ladies would you rock this look to attend your National Youth Service Corps


  1. Its her choice! But she will never follow me anywhere

  2. I'm not surprised. runs in the family now. Taribo West 'yonger sister' ba? She's normal fa like brother like sister

  3. Her head looks like that little brush for polishing shoes

  4. Ama rock dis hairstyle to benue camp on Tuesday...

    1. Trust you na.....d tin go even fit ur face

  5. She reminds me of Lot's wife...

  6. when children are not well raised, they think and try anything they see on they net after-all nobody will say anything as its nobody business.

    a well parented child will first consider how his/her family will be seen due to what they wear or were they are seen. even whom they are seen with will matter to them. i blame the parents and the upbringing she got from her guardian

  7. I am imagining the sound of a slap with a wet hand on the back of the head.

  8. @ironlady,sounds like ure goin for ur NYSC camp on tuesday right?