Sunday, October 27, 2013

ASUU UPDATE: The Main Reason ASUU Has Embarked On An Indefinite Nationwide Strike- Diamond Odey

On the 1st of July 2013, many Nigerians woke up to the unexpected news that the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) had commenced an indefinite strike action. To many, it was received with mixed reactions. While some people condemned the action, some others supported it, yet still some just stood aloof supporting neither side.

ASUU claims to be fighting for improvement in the educational sector. It claims to be on a rescue mission to save Nigerian Universities from rot and decay.
Its Main argument has been that the government should implement the 2009 agreement it reached with them. This agreement took two years of negotiations before sides could agree on its content. The federal Government team was led by the well respected social icon Chief Gamaliel Onosode. On the 8th of December,2011, ASUU embarked on a memorandum of understanding with the union affirming details of the implemetation of the agreement.
However, for over 16 months, nothing was done about the agreement that was duly signed by the government, this is what has precipitated the current strike. Some of demands in the agreement include;
Payment of 87 Billion Naira as earned allowance
Release of 100 Billion Naira in the year 2012
400 Billion Naira each for the years 2013,2014,2015 for various projects in Universities across the country
The progressive increase of budgetary allocation to 26% among many others.

The Federal Government claims not to have money to meet ASUU's demand and has instead released 100 Billion Naira for projects among the various universities. It also released 30 Billion Naira for ASUU's earned allowances. It further claims that if it meets ASUU's demand as written in the agreement, the economy will collapse, it also claims the strike has been politicized and opposition elements are using it to discredit the Goodluck Jonathan Administration . It has now decided to clamp down on the lecturers by implementing the "No Work,No Pay" rule, a move reminiscent of the Olusegun Obasanjo era. There are even rumours that some ASUU leaders might be arrested by thr security agencies of the government.

Some radical and intellectual minded students are in support of ASUU. But the vast majority of students in Nigeria do not support either ASUU or the Federal Government. All they want is that the strike be resolved either by hook or by crook or by some magical wand wielded by the Almighty God. They have become religious. Still other students like Mr. Yinka Gbadebo, the president of the National Association of Nigerian students (NANS) are out rightly in support of the government. God has also been brought into the picture. He is now a Nigerian. ASUU members are praying to God to touch the heart of the Federal Government, forgetting that some members of the Government are also ministers of God. For example, Anyim Pius Anyim, the secretary to the. Government of the Federation is a Deacon. In the Assemblies of God, Church. The federal Government is also praying to God to touch the heart of ASUU, forgetting also that many members of ASUU are Pastors and Reverend. The students on the other hand are also crying to God to help in resolving this logjam.
Permit me to say this, God himself is confused on who to answer, this is because we are all his children and he doesn't really know who to answer.
ASUU members need their earned allowances so that they can increase their tithes. Partnership and seed offerings. Those of them that are pastors would need to buy drumset, keyboard, chairs and fans. In their various churches.
Federal Government members like Anyim are praying to God because this crisis could cost them their jobs. Then, they wouldn't have any source form which to pay huge tithes and offerings thereby making the word of God suffer loss.
The students, some of whom are fellowship presidents are praying that the strike should be called-off so that the continue the work of the God's ministry which they have been called into.

My Candid Advice to ASUU is to continue the struggle and never give up. Nothing good comes easy. As for the Federal Government, please continue telling us lies that there is no money to meet ASUU's demand . After all, the 326million dollars NIMASA paid to Tompolo to secure pipelines fell from the skies, another former militant leader who has been also greatly 'empowered' by the government recently established a university in a neighbouring african country, yet these two individuals are school drop-outs and cannot even speak good English. As for the students, I say to you refuse to be Idle, refuse to fold your hands, rather use this "long holiday" to pursue your dreams and goals, learn new skill by all means, make yourself useful to the society.

For more Detailed information About ASUU And Federal government Visit HERE


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