Saturday, November 2, 2013

SHOCKING: Chinese People Using New Born Babies To Make Soup Inorder To Enhance Sex

Possibly only the devil-hearted man who is able and capable of doing this, I think this is a very inhumane and there is no appropriate words spoken because it is more than just the word vicious, sadistic, condemned, knavery, cabalistic and demonic... Obtained from a source mentioned in the ruanghati, Guangdong,

China adasebuah restaurant that provides a menu to increase sexual stamina that is manu human baby soup. Really quite savage. The restaurant is a source of raw materials (babies) of some of the poorest regions in China, both abortion and the outcome of human infants who are still alive. The market price is pegged to the menu can reach up to about 40 million rupiah.

Recently a Guangdong Factory
Owner from Taiwan was discovered partaking in an
appalling new trend; eating babies. For 4000 yuan
a person can order 7-month-old baby stewed for 8 hours with Chinese herbs. This dish is thought to boost the “yang” (as in yin and yang).
The Factory Owner who was interviewed for the story is 62 years old and was having trouble keeping up with his 19 year old wife in the bed room until he found this miracle stew. He says that he depends on the soup to “keep it up” each night for his randy bride.
The restaurant in Foshan, (Guangdong Province, Southern China) code names the dish “ribs”. The chef collects girl babies from the surrounding poor
villagers; sometimes an aborted foetus, sometimes a still born, sometimes the unwanted (and unlawful) second baby. The restaurant pays depending on the size of the baby. Sometimes they would pay a full-term mother 2000 Yuan for her live baby. Sumber:  China And Beyond

Very savage and crazy, why yes there are people who could do so. This story was written by a journalist in Taiwan in connection with the gossip about the strength and stamina enhancer food made from the juice / broth of a human fetus. ’Healthy Soup’ which is believed to have stamina and virility made from human fetal ages 6-8. One factory owner in the area businessman Tong Wan, Taiwan still claim to be consuming ‘Healthy Soup’.
As a result, the 62-year-old man describes the properties of ‘Healthy Soup’ is to maintain its ability to be able to have sex several times a night. The author was invited by the entrepreneurs at the top to one of the restaurants that provide a ‘Healthy Soup’ in the city of Canton and Fu San-introduced to the restaurant chefs. The password for ‘Healthy Soup’ is BAIKUT.

Restaurant cooks declare the type of food are not readily available because they are not available ‘ready stock’. It added that the food should be presented in a fresh, not frozen. But if brminat, they provide the placenta (placenta) are believed to increase sexual desire and also the drug life muda.Juru restaurant cook said if they want a Healthy Soup ‘, he suggested to come to a village outside the city where there is a pair husband and wife whose wife was pregnant 8 months.

Also told that the woman has previously contained two times, but two children were born with female gender. If this woman was born again, then! ’Healthy Soup’ can be obtained with a time dekat.Cara making ‘Healthy Soup’, as told by the journalists covering this story is as follows: The fetus is a few months old, plus Pachan, Tongseng, Tongkui, Keichi, ginger, chicken and Baikut, in the team for 8 hours, after it is cooked properly cook the soup.

A few days later a source to contact the author to tell you that there is a restaurant in Thaisan already have stock for ‘Healthy Soup’. Together with the entrepreneur, writer and photographer went to a restaurant in Thaisan to meet with the restaurant chef who, without wasting time immediately invited the group to tour the kitchen. On top of cutting board looks lifeless fetus was no bigger than a cat.

The cook explained that the fetus is 5 months old, not explained how the purchase price, it certainly depends on large-small, living-dead fetus, and so on (Good heavens!). This time, the price per share of ‘Healthy Soup’ 3.500 RMB because the stock is difficult to obtain. While preparing for our order, with an open chef explained that the fetus is miscarried or aborted, usually dead, can be purchased only by a few hundred RMB course, being that close to the date of birth and is still alive, could be as expensive as 2000 RMB.

Affairs of the baby was handed over to the restaurant, alive or dead, no one knows. Once completed, ‘Healthy Soup’ served hot on the table, writers and photographers did not dare to take a taste, after a visit in the kitchen, had lost all appetite, then quickly left them with reason did not feel well.

 According to some sources, the fetus is consumed all the abortion of female fetuses. Is this a result of Chinese government policy to require a child in a family who applies to the present, or simply because people will be healthy food craze has reached a very cursed condition. Wonders shall never end


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