Friday, October 4, 2013

See The Man Who Paints With His Manhood Insted Of Paint Brush

An Australian man named Tim Patch but popularly nicknamed PRICKASSO, Lol, what a name, he is called by this name because he uses his penis instead of a paint brush to create pictures though he admits that he is more interested in drawing women's portraits, hehehe omo to badt.

Politicians celebrities and nature have a lower priority in his works.

The artist became popular after exhibiting on 10th Annual Sexexpo Show back in 2006. Tim presented his pictures and declared himself as the founder of a new genre – penis-art.

Since then has really became a master of such an unconventional painting technique. Girls please insinstead of giving men your breast to suck use it wisely, you can even apply to become Mr. Tim's assistant.


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  1. Everybody wanna be creative... God how me my talent