Monday, October 21, 2013

People Most Times Mistake Me For Cossy Orjiakor Because I Have Bigger Boobs And They Are The Largest In Nollywood - Actress Mimi

  • Mitchell Ozakpolor, who is popularly known as Mimi is indeed busty and she feels good about it. She started acting about a ten years ago. Mimi resigned from her many banking job to pursue her dream in Nollywood. She said she never regretted leaving the banking world for acting. “Acting is my passion; I love it so much,” she said. In this interview with Adaeze Amos, she speaks about her lifestyle and the qualities of her ideal man, she also tells us how busty she is and damn I think the boobs queen Cossy Orjiakor might be having a competitor, he he he... The full interview is below, but first of all check out Cossy's boobs rival

  • What excites you more as an actress? 

Everything about acting makes me happy. It is a talent that God gave to me. Do you know even when I’m telling stories with my friends, they would warn me to stop acting that there is no camera around. This means that when I’m real, they think I’m acting. But I usually tell them I’m not acting, it’s me for real. Acting excites me because it is a dream come through.

  •  What did you study?

 I studied Banking at Auchi Polytechnic, Delta State. When I graduated, I started working in the bank. Before I resigned into the acting world, the last bank I worked in was Bank PHB. 

  •  What movie brought you to the limelight? 

You know the truth is that every movie I had done contributed to bringing me out. My first movie titled ‘Extreme Measure’ really did it for me. In that movie, I was Jim Iyke’s girlfriend and the roles were perfect. He was actually living with me; he didn’t have a house. Somehow, he messed up with me and I packed out his things and took him to his office before his boss. It was a beautiful story line and I loved it. Whether it is one role movie or lead job I had done, I had always stood out. Maybe it is my personality that does that for me, I wouldn’t know. But one thing I know is that I actually wear my character. I go into whatever character I’m supposed to interpret when I start acting. Anytime I behold my script, I fall in love with it. I have a script with me right now; I’m shooting tomorrow and the script had been given to me for a week now. Often, I choose to remain indoors to read my script. It has to do with passion and I love what I’m doing. After putting in much time in it, you don’t expect me not to shine when I get on TV. I would say that all my jobs brought me to the limelight. But the highest of all is the movie titled ‘Crossroads’.

  •  What part of your body is your best asset?

 I detest being asked this question because everyone already knows my best asset. Even if I mention something else, they would know I’m just being economical with the truth because it is obvious. I know I’m very busty, it is supposed to be my best asset. One good thing about me is that I really don’t flaunt my boobs. I just wear dresses that I like and the boobs flaunt, whether the neckline of my dresses are showing my cleavage or not. But my cleavage is just obvious because my boobs are massive. I think my boobs are the biggest in Nollywood. 

  •  Don’t you think Cossy Orjiakor has the that record in Nollywood?

 No, but people think she is. She is not. If I pack up my boobs the way she packs hers, to be frank people won’t walk on the street, believe me. I try to pack mine in such a way that it won’t be obvious and so that some guys won’t jump on me and start begging me to kiss them.

  •  Have you experienced that before, a guy walking up to you and begging you to hug him? 

 Yes, they have been doing that to me. Some would beg me to just give them a hug. But I don’t see that as an embarrassment because I love my boobs and they make all my dresses suit me. When guys react that way, I don’t blame them because they love what they see. I know I have the hip and height to carry my boobs. At times when I walk in the street of Yaba, Lagos in particular, most of the guys there would be shouting ‘Jesus Christ all these boobs for you alone? Are these all yours?’ They would be expecting me to answer them. I do answer them anyway. And they would hail me and say ‘yes mama I love that’. I try to avoid bus stops because when guys see me, they always scream wow! And I do respond too wow! That is just my life. If I start feeling bad about people’s reactions over my boobs, it would not help matters. Many companies have approached me for adverts based on my boobs. I know it feels good to have big boobs. It gives you a lot of jobs.

  •     How do ladies react?

 Some feel it is a curse while others wish to have as massive a breast as mine. I don’t blame any lady who doesn’t know that huge boobs are supposed to be good or make you feel good. It is not their fault because they don’t have them. The truth is that big boobs are good, they are a blessing. I don’t get angry or embarrassed with people’s reactions to my boobs. I do tell myself that if I were a guy and I am confronted with massive boobs, I would also have reacted the way they are reacting to me. This means that I understand why some guys would walk up to me, begging me to hug them 10 times. I don’t hug them, I just smile. I don’t, even my male friends, with my chest touching theirs. I give them side hugging because most of them don’t have a genuine reason for hugging me. 

  • Don’t people mistake you for Cossy Orjiakor? 

 Yes, many times they think I’m Cossy. I don’t know her one-on-one but I respect her for her boldness and daring nature because I’m not that daring. The reason is because we are Africans; no matter how crazy you want to be, you have to remember where you are coming from. If I should meet her now, I know I don’t have any right to give her advice but I would only ask her why she loves to flaunt her boobs. Maybe there is something I need to know that I don’t know. That has made her so popular that when I go out and some people ask, is that not Cossy Orjiakor? Some people don’t like her, while others do. I tell you, she has a lot of fans because some people mistake me for her. They would be saying that is her now, na that yeye girl wey no get shame. Then I would tell them no I’m not Cossy, I’m Mimi. I don’t hate her for that. I like her because she is bold and pretty too. Remember, it’s not easy to be busty. Let her enjoy herself jare. 

  • Why do you say it’s not easy to be busty? 

It’s because not everybody has it. I have some friends, in fact, a lot of people that are begging and praying to God everyday for bigger boobs. Mine is natural although when I drink Coca-Cola often, it increases my boobs. If I drink it constantly, I would have to change my bra size because it makes my boobs get bigger. A lot of my friends did that, they drank and drank but it didn’t work for them. I tell you, it’s not easy to be busty. 

  •  Where is your tattoo?

 I’m not a tattoo fan. Some ladies would put tattoo on their boobs but I don’t want to because mine is big enough to be noticed. A friend said it is bad enough that it is mighty, why do you now want to make it more obvious? 

  • Did Jim Iyke touch you there during the romance movie with him?

 Before we started shooting, I pleaded with him not to touch my boobs. He is my friend and we already had a rapport before that movie. He said he must touch it, that it was a good opportunity to do so. I knew what he could do. I started begging him and he promised he won’t do it. When we started the role, he just kissed me but he didn’t touch my boobs. He kept to his promises.

  •  Who else would you like to be paired with in romance roles?

 For guys, I love Jim Iyke, Ramsey Noah; I have never done any job with Desmond Eliot but I think he is going to be fantastic. I like Mike Ezuruonye. I have done something with Yemi Black; he was the bomb. Oh my God, I would like to do something with him again. The one I did with him wasn’t just romance, it was sexy. He is cool; I mean that guy is perfect. His character can bring your character alive. I also like RMD, he is a big boy. I would like to do something with him. Most of our guys are good.

  •  Who among these guys have you actually dated? Right now I don’t have any boyfriend. I wouldn’t want to talk about this please. I have a lot of things that have really engaged me. I’m trying to go into perfumery, trying to become a designer of my own. But that does not mean that if I find someone I want to date, why not? I mean I would want to settle down someday, have kids but for now, I have not just walked into the guy. I have men in my life but nothing serious for now. Actually, I would like to keep my love life private.

  •  Can you define your style?

 I have a mind of my own. I like to create my own thing. I have always loved to stand out. Maybe because I want to be better and I don’t copy sheepishly. My style is unique, simple and sexy.

  •  What are the qualities of your ideal man?

He has to be very tall and masculine. It’s so unfortunate most Nigerian men are losing it these days. They eat too much of pounded yam and forget to go to the gym. I like them light in complexion but if he is dark he must be extremely handsome. That is the only way that colour works for me. I like clean guys. I mean I like a guy when he is bending to pick up something, I see his boxers and it is not these regular stripy ones. Clean, white boxer and white singlet turn me on. I like white singlet on him. Let him be generally clean in whatever he is wearing, from head to the toe. I would like to come to your apartment and see that you are clean and your car is clean. If I come close to you, be sure to smell good. I love perfumes. Now I’m wearing Kim Kadashian Gold. A guy has to smell good. That is the only way I’m going to give you a hug if I actually want to. I like guys who are confident, cool, okay and clean.


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