Wednesday, October 23, 2013

#Poselikenicki The Latest Twitter Trend , Check Out Funny Pictures.... LMAO

Hahahaha... I cannot stop laughing... This has made my day, so yesterday Kanye West introduced the OPEN AND CLOSE fashion line where his trouser literally tore while performing on stage, today is Nicki Minaj's turn
In case you haven’t been exposed to it, good for you, because it’s like a virus. There’s a big trend going on Twitter where people post pictures of themselves posing like Nicki Minaj. The hashtag is #PoseLikeNicki if you want to keep up. They’re…um…interesting. People really went all out to look like the Barbie.... See more photos below


  1. Hahaha... Diamond see as u make me dey laugh for road all these mbeke girls come dey laugh me....

  2. I can't stop laffin,d pose na by force? Especially d gal wearin same neck wit pendant written 'barbie' I just tire 4 ppl sha