Tuesday, October 22, 2013

And Kanye Finally Popped The Question 'Would You Marry Me ' What A Lovely Birthday Surprise For Kim

Finally, we can now rest but not for long because we are hoping this marriage last longer than Kim's previous ones although 72 days with Kris Humphries is hardly a high standard.
Kim Kardashian is officially on lock down ... again -- Kanye West pulled off a huge birthday surprise by renting out an entire baseball stadium and asking Kim to marry him Monday evening. Kanye reportedly rented out AT&T Park -- home of the San Francisco Giants -- and popped the question in front of family and friends. Shocker ... she said Hell YEA, so for those of you hoping that Kim says no to Yeezy , I'm so sorry to disappoint, try Kourtney, and here we thought Kim's 33rd birthday bash at Tao this Friday was going to be the major event of the week. Kanye sure figured out a way to top last year's chocolate cake.
 So E! reported the engagement first ... which comes 4 months after Kim and Kanye's daughter North was born -- and 18 months after they went public as a couple. Monday was Kim's 33rd birthday. This will be her third shot at "til death do we part," and Yeezy's first. Congrats Kimye


  1. I'm so happy for them, they look good together.......

  2. Mtchewww............I'm not surprised