Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fashion Alert: Kanye West Trouser Tore While He was Perfoming Live On Stage... I'm Seeing Things ( PHOTOS)

Oh no.... Is this deliberately, first it was Kim posting half unclad pictures of her and now its Kanye's turn, lol, just thinking out loud tho...
So Kanye West's leather pants splits wide open, as in his trouser tear, lol, around the crotch area while performing his opening show for his Yeezus tour in Seattle.
The split exposes his black underpants as Kanye continued with the show as if nothing happened.
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Very soon this would be the latest fashion for guys, girls if you like try it... Winks#


  1. What are you seeing Madam Dee

  2. he has lost his mind!!!


  3. Hahaha... That's true o, me I like the style

  4. "girls if you like try it..." LMFAO

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