Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Installing BBM On Playstore Bypassing The Region Restriction

Hey all, the topic says it all, for those of you who were unable to download BBM on your android phone(Samsung, iphone, techno,etc...... ) Here is the way forward, So Let's get down to business,... You'll need two basic prerequisites...

1. DROID vpn which most of y'all have, thanks to MTN
2. Market unlocker
3.device must be rooted..

Droid vpn port should be 500 and connection udp..
Now go to market enabler and enable the unlocker and auto unlock.. By default, us version market is enabled
On doing that, go to application manager, all apps and clear the data of the following:
Google play services
Google framework
Google playstore

Power up and your playstore and you'll be prompted with the accept message.. Make your search and get your result.. You can always revert back using same app.. And yes it works, these are screenshots of my device.... Thank me later

Not Satisfied? Then go to the main sources HERE and HERE


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  2. Nice nice! Techinologie improving everyday

    1. Yea Bisi.... Always surprising us.... Thanks for visiting