Sunday, October 6, 2013

Meet The Woman Who Mix Her Urine With Cranberry Juice Saying It Makes Her Younger

NEW REPORT SAYS THAT DRINKING A PINT OF URINE EVERY DAY . . . WILL KEEP YOU LOOKING YOUNG!! (NO THANKS . .. WE'D RATHER AGE GRACEFULLY). Sylvia Chandler, 63, swears in Closer that her own wee is the elixir responsible for her slim frame and youthful demeanor, and claims she hasn’t needed to visit a doctor in over a decade.

While certainly not for the faint-hearted, Sylvia also uses her urine to wash her hair and moisturise her face.

Sylvia told Closer: 'Drinking my own urine has kept me healthy and energised. And it helps me stay young- men are often surprised when I tell them my age.

‘I have a glass of urine in the morning and another couple during the day. It tastes delicious - it's a bit like water, but sweeter.

'I haven’t been to the doctor in a decade. I never get colds and I've maintained my size 10 figure.’

Sylvia claims that she drinks her urine every time she goes to the loo (this is a stock photo and the model shown is not believed to be drinking urine)

The mother-of-two is an advocate of urine therapy for everything from keeping youthful to healing wounds, and keeps a bottle of old urine in the kitchen in case she burns herself, as aged urine has stronger healing properties.

Sylvia began her unique practice after starting her own alternative natural health store, Zen in Birmingham.

She admits that despite her open-mindedness she had to start small when it came to actually drinking her urine.

She diluted her first glass with cranberry juice, but soon progressed to drinking it neat three times a day.

Now Sylvia, who has been married three times but is currently single, claims she drinks her urine whenever she goes to the loo, despite urine being a waste product, produced by the kidneys, ridding the body of toxins it doesn't need.

Filmed by Truth Juice speaking in Bristol in 2011, Sylvia claims that when in our mothers' wombs we are swimming in urine, and drinking it provides health benefits.

She says: ‘for nine months before you were born you floated in a combination of your own and your mother's urine.

'You drank it, it fed you, it grew your lungs entirely. All of your skin, your bones are made from tiny crystals which are all formed by urine.

'Most of us came out perfect with beautiful skin, and it's only when we've lived this toxic life that we get sick.

'If you came out perfect, it doesn’t matter what you get wrong with you, you can put yourself back to being perfect.'


  1. Did she say she wuz 63!!! Wow and she looking younger dan a uniport babe...smh

  2. Tnks buh I l rather grow old