Tuesday, October 22, 2013

BBA The Chase Winner Dillish Wore This Seductive Outfit To See Adams Oshiomhole And Got Blasted By fans- SEE COMMENTS

The photos above has caused a lot of speculations from fans, many of them hitting on the overly exposed bust…Read some of the comments below…

“She has released a teaser photo of her brèasts only (IN BENIN) for now
She will release a photo with Osho Baba’s hands cupping those brèasts very shortly”

“She is a good girl no doubt but if she must maintain her reputation, she needs to avoid trips like that, can only dent her brand”

“Dillish needs to just answer d question and stop being incognito. The fans have a right to ask and a right to fill in d gaps, wt all dis her ambiguity. I mean she was meant to be somewhere where pple paid gd money to go see her and then bailed for a supposedly ‘better’ trip. Wtout apologizing. Dts just unacceptable”

“Why wld she go out of her hotel room wtout her bra?”

“Why wld she allow anyone take a picture of her wtout her bra?”

“Why did maria leave? Not d govs type, asked to leave, went to see her boyfriend? And why cld dillish never make it to Abj? What happened? Cos i think d plan was dt she wld make it?”

Over to you now… Do you think Dillish’s secret visit was as horrible as some fans speculate above, and that even after winning the grand prize, she’s still making runs? Or it was all just a casual visit to a good friend and nothing more?



  1. Dillish me av told u to avoid excess make-up times without number sha ooo

  2. Oya...... Diamond add estelle's comment to the list

  3. Dillish that outfit is too revealing

  4. These two are definitely fucking

  5. Then you all should see what other huge ball girls wear to such occasions else where. She's soo very not exposed. (Think out of the box)

  6. "Dillish that outfit is too revealing"- cldn't disagree more...she's perfect man. how d'you want her to dress? like a nun?

  7. Dilish,dilish,dilish...hw many tyms did I call u? Whr is ur bra, but if I may ask ur boobs r nt dat big cos I hv a naked pic of u in my fone so wat happnd? U go touch ur breast?

  8. 1 dis delish was jst 4min gud grl in bba house
    2 dis delish grl na ahawo. If d visit was a plain one, she 4 no mk am secret, nd she 4 wear sumtin beta " jeez dis was a visit to govt house rem" nd I knw dat no matter d celeb wey u be, u lld look better dan dat to see a gov. So either dem dey straff, or she wan seduce am
    3 dis delish grl shuld pls cum on d news 4 sumtin beta. I'm tired of seeing rubbish. She no dey invest d bba moni? We shuld be hearing news worthy info abeg.
    4 dis delish grl is jst a karen wanna be. But atleast she shuld rem dat karen was spectacular 4 certain reasons, especially for ORIGINALITY. D grl is too real.