Sunday, October 20, 2013

My D*ck was grabbed by a female fan in public- Tinsel Star Proclaims

Heehehe...  This crazy,  the Tinsel actor,  Gbenro Ajibade claims that his joystick was grabbed by a crazy female fan while he  was trying to change backstage and all she wanted was a '  kiss'
“We finished the show and I think I was trying to change back stage. I had taken off my clothes, so this girl ran to me and within a twinkle of an eye, she held my thing, my thing( pointing to his trouser). I told her don’t touch it . She said “ok, kiss me, if you don’t kiss me, I wont leave it. Kiss me, kiss me”, she screamed adding “if you don’t kiss me I won’t leave it”. I felt like I was chickening- out but that was the only thing I could do. I begged and begged. People were there looking at me. I started begging . You know me, if it’s too much for me I will beg you. I told her I was sorry. I begged and begged her. People were starring at us. In fact, the way she did it, the other models were wondering the kind of guts she’s got. But this girl wants to play. I begged and begged and told her, you know what, I will come back for you after the party, so that she can leave my ‘thing’ so that I can be free . And it worked.”


  1. So why is he telling us... Mtcheewww, n I t interested