Monday, November 4, 2013

Male Gospel Singer S*X Tape Leaked As He Gives A Fellow Man BJ

WOW... A 47- second clip of Terry performing oral s*x on an unknown male partner has been exposed and its blowing up the internet.

 It seems gospel singer Kevin Terry of the group Kevin Terry and the Predestined is the latest public figure to be initiated into the celebrity s*x tape Hall of Fame .

The video appears to have been recorded on a cellphone camera. R&B artist Lil’ Mo, who is a friend to Terry, confirmed the tape was official when she tweeted this…

She later offered a $500 reward… lol

Meanwhile, Terry posted this message to his Facebook fans…

“There’s nothing wrong with making a mistake, what’s wrong is not taking the effort to make it right. Sooo get up and Make it RIGHT!!!!"


  1. First it was Tonnex, now this guy (although I dont know him). Just wonderin what could ve been runnin thru his mind.....

  2. Not even sex scandal of a male with a female,bt sex scandal of a male gospel artiste givin a head to a male, yuck thats gross..

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