Friday, October 18, 2013

Beyonce Pregnant With Her Second Child?

Well I'm actually thinking out loud right now but come to think of it Bey and her man Jay are really having a great time in the City of Lights as they both showed up at La Petite Maison de Nicole in Paris, France for a romantic gourmet meal on Saturday night (October 13) but in the picture below, I noticed Bey R n B singer used her hands to cover her stomach all through as they walked out of the restaurant also according to French press Beyonce did not drink red wine, anyway if you are actually pregnant, please don't hide it, we cant wait to welcome 'Pink V', we are really really happy for you />

Enjoy the more pictures of Beyonce and Jay Z leaving La Petite Maison de Nicole restaurant in Paris

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  1. Pregnancy bump can't be hid,by 8 or 9 month,the truth wil ne unfold,anyway,congratulation to bey and jay