Sunday, October 27, 2013

Drake Is 27 Years Old And He Spent His Birthday With His Porn Star Girlfriend- (18+ PHOTOS)

Damn that tongue tho.... I'm so sorry Diamond Readers but I just love to gossip, couldn't just keep all these to myself.

So This is how MEDIA TAKEOUT is reporting it.....

On thursday,  october 24th was rapper Drake's birthday - he turned 27 years old. And he had a SPECIAL NIGHT planned - with his BOYS Miguel and future "SCORPIO SQUAD" , and also the SPECIAL NEW LADY in his life . . . pornostar Kakey XXX. According to a TOP SNITCH at YMCMB, Drake has basically FALLEN IN LOVE with the chick - becuse of all the FREAKY THINGS she does.

We're told that Drake has ALREADY spend $20K flying her around the country to be with him. And out of ALL THE CHICKS that he could spend his birthday with . . . he chose her, congrats Freaky Kaaky for putting juju in my favorite rappers eyes, and finally making him fall in love with you now i'm gonna mourn all day .  Parental discretion is highly advised, Lol, and if you're not up to 18 please do not scroll down .

By the way why does Drake love porn girls, check out his ex-girlfriend Maliah's XXX photos HERE


  1. That picture of drake is really funny

  2. Oh boy see tongue ..... No need for dick just put this tongue inside a pussy

  3. Drake is a scorpio, scorpio love uninhibited sex, Kakey has no inhibitions- need I say more?