Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lady Gaga Dressed As A Native Doctor As She Makes A Demonic EntranceTo London

This lady is just a weirdo... is that her butt I see in that transparent net-like dress?
By the way the  scary superstar singer wore this witch-like attire as she landed london on friday for her performance in the X-factor UK.
I wldnt call her Morgana  of Merlin because o course morgana had a rd hair neither can she be described as Bonnie cause of course you all know Bonnie was a s*xy witch, this lady is just  indescribable
It got really bizzarre and creepy as she walked barefoot,  legs painted white, hands raised up like she was about to cast a spell,lol, she really caused quite a stare as she greeted her fans and on her way to her hotel room, more creepy pictures below;


  1. Diamond you're so hilarious..... I think I'm falling in love with you

  2. She looks like someone who just rose from the dead

  3. Didn't no gaga had this massive ass

    1. U must be blind anonymous

  4. I think she actually suffured wardrobe malfunction.... But even shoe sef?

  5. I think lady gaga has gone nut

  6. There really is an impressive ass on her. It's funny. for a white girl.