Monday, October 21, 2013

ASTONISHING PHOTO Of A Woman Inside the Stomach Of A Huge Snake... OMG This Can't Be!

Seriously? This is disgusting, why is this snake this large by the way, I'm sorry Diamond Readers but my name is now Thomas. This giant snake in the picture allegedly swallow up a woman in South Africa.

This happened somewhereDurban North in South Africa and a South African reporter by the name Linda Laina Nyatoro, who witnessed the incident sent the pictures. I really really dislike this creatures, why didn't they also go into extinction like the dinosaurs... Urhgg!


  1. At times there are irregularities in the food chain. Man will not always be the ultimate consumer/hunter/predator. We can also be preyed on.

  2. Am I supposed to be be seeing this while I'm eating?

  3. Madam abi na oga maggi dem put gun for your head make you open the link?