Thursday, October 31, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: They Say That Ciara's 'NEW' Engagement Ring . . Is Really Kim Kardashian's 'OLD' Ring!!! (Side-By-Side PICS)

Remember there was news a few weeks ago that SOMEONE nought Kim K's OLD ENGAGEMENT RING from Kris Humphries for $749K. Well the INTERNET IS BUZZING with a rumor that it was FUTURE
who bought he ring and then he gave it to Ciara.

Peep the two rings side by side above . . . they definitely LOOK SIMILAR.

But we HPE Future ain't do no ish like that . . . it's BAD LUCK to give a gal a ring from a FAILED MARRIAGE. And besides . .. it's TACKY cause Ciara and Kim are FRIENDS!!!

Culled from mediatakeout


  1. Is a lie... Why are these pple using our head na

  2. Lie lie people.
    1) doz rings aren't evn d Sme colour
    2) d one dat looks transparent is more beautiful aand looks more xpensive.
    3) celebs are too careful wt wat dey do. So issues lyk dis wouldn't cum up.
    Dem Juz dey find tok. Mtcheeeeeeeeeew

  3. If u hv eyes, u ll c dat d one on a grls hand isn't half as beautiful as d oda transparent one, scndly, if u notice the both rings, the ring on d grls hand has a thinner side than the transparent one wch has a broad side. Attention seekers. Mtscheeeeeeeew rubbish. purely 2 rings dat happen to hv a Lil similar face.