Thursday, October 24, 2013

How I Was Mysteriously Raped And Tortured By Hon. Moses Idahasa For Ritual Purpose Is Fake

According to OSUN DEFENDER ,The story is false they got the email and the above picture and then published it. The lady in the picture used to sensationalize the rape story. The lady in the picture, who is actually dead now, was Olori Bolanle Adepoju, the wife of the deposed Deji of Akure.
Below, you can see the original images in their real context. The Deji had Bolanle beaten up and hot ashes poured on her wounds. Bolanle reported her abusive husband to the police and these pictures were taken while she was in hospital, and after she was discharged.
So obviously, the picture is not of Ethel Joan Nwadike. But is there even an Ethel Joan Nwadike? Google says that apart from this viral story, she does not exist.
Who is behind that email? I sent an email to that address since this morning, and have received no response.
There is actually a Moses Idahosa on Facebook whose profile picture matches the image used by Osun Defender and other bloggers to propagate this story. However, that Moses Idahosa is not in hiding as purported by the story. He still goes to work as testified by his friends and colleagues, and his wife and children are not being held by the police.
In fact, he has refuted the story thus: “please note i am unaware of these stories and i implore the well meaning people of Edo State and Nigeria to please disregard the stories being circulated.”
I am usually one to champion survivors of rape or abuse, but at the same time, I strongly believe that only truthful stories should be told. There are enough true stories that we do not need to fabricate scenarios to make a point. When those fabrications are for the purposes of pulling down another human being, that is an even bigger shame, and should not be tolerated.
I urge all bloggers who syndicated this story to update it speedily with the facts. If Ethel Joan Nwadike is real, then she should come out ith her real pictures and the true story of what actually happened.

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