Friday, October 25, 2013

Man Caught His Pregnant Wife Making Out With Another Man In A Motel - PICTURES

Oops.. BUSTED! There is fire on the mountain run run run....Lol, woman name so the thing hold you? 

Trust me to always deliver, Lol, but seriously why is she hiding her face, she didn't even pity the baby in her stomach... SMH

A married woman named Mercy was caught live in the motel room with a man identified as Emmanuel Benedict in Tanzania

Mr. Emmanuel Benedict and Ashawo Mrs. Mercy after being caught at a motel around 7 PM.


  1. Imagine!!!!!! Even as heavy as she is?? SAD

  2. Even the pregnancy now dey suspicious. These woman will regret this day in her entire life. Pity

  3. Why she dey hide face? See the tight jeans she has on self.
    Perhaps, her lover owns the baby, that's why he has no qualms humping a pregnant woman...yuck! Both man and woman need help.

  4. Some men get mind sha... Bleeping a pregnant woman.
    If she go do peke nko..

    It even a curse to bleep someone's else wife wid pregnancy.

    1. Don't say some men just like that. He didn't force the woman to walk in with him. So the woman made herself readily available for sex or whatever. Please look at the other side and see how low moraled that woman is. Even if it was for money?! She let it happen by going to him.

      Also medically, there's nothing wrong with a woman having sex while pregnant at a certain stage. So she definitely knew what she was doing.

  5. Yuck!can't av talk sef.jst numb

  6. Okk dts so gross!! Nawa oo, d woman get mind

  7. Women are just anyhow.. No disrespect to the females.... Women tend not to know what they want.....?

  8. No comment for every action their is a reason.Marry a man that can take care of u finacially and other wise.Her husband don't take good care of her...